About the Compost

or….art from food


I don’t remember exactly when I became aware of the colors and the rich interplay of shapes, lines and textures of all that stuff that ends up in the compost bowl above our kitchen sink. But after I photographed the compost bowls resulting from a few of Bill’s wonderful meals and with the help of Photoshop explored the peels, seeds, grounds & leaves, I began to understand what a rich vein of visual imagery I’d tapped into.

I wasn’t then and am not now interested in drawing the fruits and vegetables them-selves – before the meal, so to speak. But

I am very interested in what happens when the parings, slices and shells are combined randomly – layered, shifted, dried and curled.

I love finding tiny abstract compositions or combining several to make one that is particularly dynamic.. they’re just packed with movement.

The colors of real food are wonderfully rich and varied – and because Bill loves to cook from fresh ingredients there is no end to the delights of our compost bowls – day in and day out. The red or delicate white of onion skins, the orange carrot strips that go rusty as they dry, the dense, black coffee grounds, rose petals, mango skin, acorn squash, lemon peels, pineapple!!! Need I say more?